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Discover the soulful voice of Ronnie McDowell and his hit song 'Older Women' that will take you back to the good old country days. Don't miss the chance to own this classic track as an mp3 download and immerse yourself in the timeless appeal of McDowell's music.

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Ronnie McDowell - Older Women Ronnie McDowell - Older Women: An Ode to Love and Age

Ronnie McDowell is an American country music artist best known for his hit songs such as "The King Is Gone" and "You're Gonna Ruin My Bad Reputation." He has released over 20 studio albums and has had numerous singles make it to the top charts. One of his most popular songs, which also carries a bit of controversy, is "Older Women."

In 1981, McDowell released the song "Older Women" that took the country music scene by storm. The song became his third number one hit on the Billboard Country chart and established McDowell as a master of the honky-tonk genre. The song is a love letter to the mature women of the world, with lyrics such as, "Older women are beautiful lovers, I said older women, they understand."

Despite being a hit, "Older Women" opened up some controversy in the country music world. Some radio stations and DJs refused to play the song, claiming it was offensive and promoted ageism. However, despite the backlash, the song resonated with many people, and it continues to be a classic.

To listen to "Older Women" by Ronnie McDowell, you can find it on most music streaming platforms, such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music. However, if you want to save the song to listen to offline, you can download it from these platforms or purchase it from iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon. The song is available to purchase for as low as $
  1. 99, and the quality is excellent on most platforms.
In conclusion, Ronnie McDowell's "Older Women" is a classic country music hit that has stood the test of time. The lyrics and melody are timeless, and the song is a testament to the beauty of mature love. You can easily listen to the song on all major music streaming platforms, or purchase and download it to listen to offline. Let's give a round of applause to the great Ronnie McDowell and his fantastic ode to love and age!
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