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Get ready to have your heart broken all over again with the newest release from Reiley - Breaking My Heart (Official Music Video). This soulful and emotional track will have you hitting repeat for days to come. And the best part? You can take the track with you wherever you go by downloading the mp3 today. Don't miss out on this one-of-a-kind musical experience.

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Reiley - Breaking My Heart (Official Music Video) The emerging singer-songwriter Reiley has released her new single “Breaking My Heart” along with its official music video. The Los Angeles-based artist has been gaining popularity lately and this track is an example of her captivating and soulful sound.

“Breaking My Heart” is a hauntingly beautiful ballad highlighting Reiley’s unique voice and introspective lyrics. The song speaks about a chance encounter with a former love that leaves her vulnerable and conflicted. The production of the single is smooth and showcases the vocals and instrumentation equally well.

The official music video of “Breaking My Heart” fits perfectly with the song’s melancholic vibe. The visual tells the story of a young couple in love - against the odds of time and distance - through old footage and new poetry.

You can listen to “Breaking My Heart” on multiple platforms, including Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube. The streaming quality varies on each platform, but you can download the single in high-quality from these platforms to listen to offline. This means that the single can be enjoyed even in places where internet connection is scarce, such as long car rides or flights.

In conclusion, Reiley’s “Breaking My Heart” is a song and visual experience that is not to be missed. Her unique voice and thoughtful lyrics, combined with stunning visuals make this release one of the most interesting of the year so far. Fans of pop, R&B and soul should definitely give it a listen.
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