Raffa Affar & Rachel Patricia - Jangan Ada Dusta Diantara Kita (Official Music Video)



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Looking for an earworm that won't let go? Check out Raffa Affar and Rachel Patricia's latest collaboration, "Jangan Ada Dusta Diantara Kita," complete with an official music video that's as captivating as the song itself. And as an added bonus, the mp3 download is available now, so you can listen to it on repeat anytime, anywhere.

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Raffa Affar & Rachel Patricia - Jangan Ada Dusta Diantara Kita (Official Music Video) Raffa Affar & Rachel Patricia - Jangan Ada Dusta Diantara Kita (Official Music Video)

Raffa Affar and Rachel Patricia have joined forces to release their latest collaboration, "Jangan Ada Dusta Diantara Kita" that has touched the hearts of many listeners. Rachel and Raffa are both talented musicians from Indonesia, and this song blends Rachel's soulful vocals with Raffa's lyrical talent in a beautiful duet that has captured the hearts of its listeners.

This song, "Jangan Ada Dusta Diantara Kita," translates to "No More Lies Between Us," and it reflects on the emotional struggle between two lovers affected by communication issues. The song captures the lovers' pain, who are unable to convey their feelings to each other due to misunderstandings and lies. This is a relatable theme that touches countless listeners' hearts, and it's no surprise the song has become so popular.

The official music video for the song is available on Raffa's and Rachel's Youtube channels. The video's quality is in high definition, and it's a pleasure to watch. For those who want to listen to the song offline, it's available on various music streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer.

To save the song offline, all you have to do is follow these simple steps. If you have a premium account on these streaming platforms, you can add the song to your playlist and download it for offline use. For users who don't have a premium account, you can download the song using various free music downloader websites.

Overall, "Jangan Ada Dusta Diantara Kita" is a beautiful song that showcases the talents of Rachel and Raffa while telling a story that many can relate to. Whether you want to listen to it online or offline, it's easy to find and enjoy in high quality. Give it a listen and let the song speak to you on a personal level.
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