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Look no further for your next summer jam! Check out our latest blog post featuring the iconic Men at Work song "Land Down Under" with lyrics. Plus, we've got an exclusive mp3 download of the hit track so you can bring that Aussie vibe wherever you go. Don't miss out on this classic tune and grab your free download now!

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Men at Work - Land Down Under (with Lyrics) Men at Work is an Australian rock band formed in 1978 by Colin Hay and Ron Strykert. The band gained massive popularity in the 1980s with their debut album, "Business as Usual." One of the most iconic songs from this album is "Land Down Under," which has become an Australian anthem over the years.

"Land Down Under" is a tongue-in-cheek tribute to Australia and its culture. The song tells the story of a traveler who meets a man from Brussels who, among other things, claims to have come from a land down under where women glow and men plunder. The song has a catchy guitar riff and a memorable chorus that make it impossible not to sing along.

If you want to listen to "Land Down Under" with lyrics, you can easily find it on YouTube. The official Men at Work YouTube channel has a video of the song with lyrics that you can follow along with. The quality of the video is good, and the sound is clear, so you can enjoy the song to the fullest.

If you want to save "Land Down Under" so you can listen to it offline or on your phone, there are several options. You can use a YouTube downloader to download the video in MP4 format, then convert it to MP3 so you can easily add it to your music library. You can also stream the song on Spotify or Apple Music, where you can save it as a playlist or download it for offline listening.

In conclusion, "Land Down Under" by Men at Work is an upbeat, catchy song that captures the spirit of Australia. You can easily find the song with lyrics on YouTube, and there are several ways to save it for offline listening. So turn up the volume and enjoy the classic sounds of Men at Work.
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