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Looking for a hard-hitting track to add to your playlist? Check out Logic's latest release "Homicide" featuring none other than Eminem. This official audio is available for download in mp3 format - don't miss out on the chance to add this banger to your music library!

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Logic - Homicide (feat. Eminem) (Official Audio) Logic and Eminem have teamed up again for their latest collaboration, "Homicide," which has been received with great enthusiasm by hip-hop fans around the world. The song is a perfect blend of both artists' impressive rap skills, with witty lyrics, punchlines, and impeccable flow. Fans of both artists won't be disappointed with this latest banger that will surely have you bopping your head right from the start.

The "Homicide" official audio is available on Logic's Vevo YouTube channel with an accompanying video that adds more visuals to the already entertaining audio. The song also features a sample from Chris D'Elia's popular Vine, which leads to a humorously unexpected breakdown in the middle of the song.

To get the best quality of "Homicide," you can stream the song on Spotify, YouTube Music or Apple Music, all of which offer high-quality streaming options. To save the song offline for listening on-the-go, you can download it directly from these streaming platforms by adding it to your playlists or purchasing it from the online stores.

Logic and Eminem are both known for their lyrical prowess and the way they effortlessly string words together to create highly entertaining music. With "Homicide," they demonstrate their mastery of the rap game and continue to push boundaries in the hip-hop scene. Their respective fan bases should be excited about this latest release, and new fans will undoubtedly be converted. So don't hesitate to put on your headphones, crank up the volume, and experience the magic of "Homicide.
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