Kobi Jonz & DJ Boat - Call Melanin [Official Music Video]



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Get ready to groove to the beats of Kobi Jonz & DJ Boat's latest sensation, 'Call Melanin'. With its infectious rhythm and soulful lyrics, this track celebrates the beauty of diversity and encourages self-love. And the good news? You can now download the mp3 of this chart-topping hit and add it to your playlist! Check out the official music video and get ready to dance your heart out.

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Kobi Jonz & DJ Boat - Call Melanin [Official Music Video] Kobi Jonz & DJ Boat - Call Melanin [Official Music Video]

The latest release from Nigerian artist Kobi Jonz and DJ Boat is a celebration of melanin, and the video is a stunning visual representation of the beauty and strength that comes with the rich history and heritage of people with dark skin.

Kobi Jonz is a singer, songwriter and hip-hop artist from Lagos, Nigeria. He grew up in a musical family and started writing music at a young age. After completing his studies at the University of Lagos, he moved to the United States to pursue his music career.

DJ Boat, on the other hand, is a Ghanaian DJ who has been making waves in the music scene with his unique blend of Afrobeats, dancehall and hip-hop.

In "Call Melanin", Kobi Jonz and DJ Boat showcase their talent and creativity by delivering an uplifting and empowering message to their listeners. The song celebrates the beauty and diversity of black people, encouraging them to be proud of their skin and to embrace their heritage and culture.

The video, directed by Naya Effects, is a stunning visual representation of the power and beauty of melanin. It features a group of black women with different skin tones and shades, all dressed in African print clothing, dancing and celebrating their melanin.

To listen to "Call Melanin" in high quality, you can stream it on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal or any other major music streaming platform. If you want to save it so you can listen to it offline, you can download it from the same platforms or from music downloading websites such as SoundCloud or YouTube.

In conclusion, "Call Melanin" is a beautiful and uplifting song that celebrates the beauty and diversity of black people. It's a must-listen for anyone who wants to be inspired by the strength and resilience of melanin.
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