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Get ready to elevate your VALORANT gaming experience with the new GREATER THAN ONE // Gekko Agent Trailer. This adrenaline-fueled video promises to take you on an epic journey through the world of VALORANT. Plus, you can now download the mp3 soundtrack to immerse yourself fully in the action. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting release!

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GREATER THAN ONE // Gekko Agent Trailer - VALORANT As the VALORANT community grows, so does its soundtrack. One song that has been making waves lately is "GREATER THAN ONE" by Gekko Agent, a tune that perfectly captures the intensity of this tactical first-person shooter.

Gekko Agent is the moniker of an electronic music producer based in Los Angeles. His sound combines hard-hitting beats with intricate melodies and atmospheric soundscapes, drawing influences from genres such as techno, trance, and ambient.

"GREATER THAN ONE" is a high-energy track that blends driving percussion with soaring synths and distorted basslines. Its epic atmosphere and dynamic arrangement make it the perfect accompaniment to the intense gameplay of VALORANT.

The song is currently featured in the official trailer for VALORANT's Episode 3, which showcases new content and updates to the game. You can watch the trailer on YouTube, where you can also hear the song in high-quality audio.

If you want to listen to "GREATER THAN ONE" offline, you can purchase it on major digital music platforms such as iTunes and Amazon Music. It's also available for streaming on services like Spotify and Apple Music, where you can add it to your playlists and save it for offline listening.

Overall, "GREATER THAN ONE" by Gekko Agent is a standout track that perfectly captures the energy and excitement of VALORANT. Its thrilling beats and intricate sounds make it a must-listen for fans of electronic music and gamers alike.
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