Djy Ma'Ten - Ukuz'Buka (feat. Mellow & Sleazy & BoontleRSA)



Get ready to groove to the beats of Djy Ma'Ten's latest release 'Ukuz'Buka', featuring the talented duo Mellow & Sleazy and BoontleRSA. This hot new track promises to be an instant hit, and here's the best part - you can now download the mp3 and enjoy it anytime, anywhere! Keep reading to know more about the music and the artists behind this fantastic collaboration.

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Djy Ma'Ten - Ukuz'Buka (feat. Mellow & Sleazy & BoontleRSA) South African DJ and producer, Djy Ma'Ten has released a new track titled "Ukuz'Buka" featuring Mellow & Sleazy and BoontleRSA. The track is a fusion of eletro house and amapiano, a popular genre in Southern Africa that combines elements of deep house and jazz.

Djy Ma'Ten, known for his exceptional beats and creative productions, has gained a massive following in recent years. He has worked with various artists in the industry and has proved himself to be a force to be reckoned with.

"Ukuz'Buka" is a laid-back track that will get you off your feet and dancing. The vocal delivery by Mellow & Sleazy and BoontleRSA is impeccable, and the beat is infectious. The song is a celebration of life, and it encourages listeners to enjoy every moment.

You can listen to "Ukuz'Buka" on YouTube, Spotify, and other streaming platforms. To save the song and listen to it offline, you can purchase it on platforms such as Apple Music, Google Play, and Amazon.

The song is available in high-quality audio, and you can choose the format that suits your listening preference. With the high-quality audio, you can enjoy the distinct beats and sounds that Djy Ma'Ten has carefully crafted.

In conclusion, "Ukuz'Buka" by Djy Ma'Ten featuring Mellow & Sleazy and BoontleRSA is a fantastic track that deserves a listen. It is a perfect representation of the creativity and talent in the South African music industry. Check it out and enjoy the beats that will get you up and dancing.
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