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Looking for a fresh and catchy track to add to your playlist? Look no further than Claudio Ricci's "Barasu Ayo (Diass Remix)"! This upbeat tune is sure to get you moving, and best of all, it's available as an mp3 download. Check out our blog post for a closer look at the track and to get your hands on your very own copy!

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Claudio Ricci - Barasu Ayo (Diass Remix) If you're a fan of electronica, you might want to check out Claudio Ricci's "Barasu Ayo" remix by Diass. Claudio Ricci is a Chilean DJ and producer who's known for his eclectic blend of deep house, tech house, and melodic techno. His music has been featured on labels such as Kompakt, Innervisions, and Get Physical.

"Barasu Ayo" is an infectious track that incorporates tribal-like drums, hypnotic synths, and a thumping bassline to create a mesmerizing groove. Diass, a Bulgarian DJ and producer, lends his touch to the remix, adding his signature deep house sound to the track. The result is a hauntingly beautiful remix that's perfect for dancing or chilling.

So where can you hear this amazing track? You can find it on Spotify, SoundCloud, and YouTube, where you can stream it in high-quality. If you want to save it so you can listen to it offline, you can download it for free from websites such as or convert2mp
  1. tv. Simply paste the link to the YouTube video and click the download button. You can save it as an mp3 file and transfer it to your phone or other portable devices.
In conclusion, "Barasu Ayo" by Claudio Ricci remixed by Diass is a must-listen track for fans of electronica. It's a hypnotic blend of tribal drums and deep house that'll get you moving. You can hear it on popular music streaming services or download it for free to listen to offline.
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