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Get lost in the soulful melodies of Cesaria Evora's enchanting performance in "Live d'amor" (Paris 2004). Relive the magic of this iconic evening by downloading the mp3 and immersing yourself in the singer's smooth, heartfelt vocals. Don't let the opportunity to soak in Evora's musical genius slip away - download now!

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Cesaria Evora - Live d'amor (Paris 2004) Cesaria Evora - Live d'amor (Paris 2004)

Cesaria Evora was a Cape Verdean singer who was born in Mindelo, Cape Verde, in 194
  1. She was well known for her singing style called "morna" and was also called the Barefoot Diva because she often performed without shoes. Evora's songs were known for their emotional depth and melancholy and how they conveyed the stories of Cape Verde's history and people.
One of her most famous concerts was in Paris in 2004, where she performed live with her band. The concert was recorded and released as an album called "Live d'amor." The album features many of Evora's most famous songs, such as "Sodade," "Besame Mucho," and "Carnaval de Sao Vicente."

The concert captures Evora's unique voice and the intimacy of her performance, making it a great addition to any music lover's collection. You can stream the concert on various online platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music. These platforms offer the concert in high quality and you can listen to it without downloading it. However, you can also download the concert on platforms like iTunes or Amazon Music and enjoy it offline.

To download the album, go to either the iTunes or Amazon Music website and search for "Cesaria Evora Live d'amor." Once you have found the album, you can purchase it and download it so that you can listen to it offline on your computer or mobile device.

Cesaria Evora's Live d'amor Paris 2004 is a must-listen for any music lover, particularly those who love world music and unique voices. Her music will take you on a journey through Cape Verde's rich history and culture, and you will be captivated by her beautiful voice and the emotions she conveys through her music.
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