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Get ready to blast into the past with Bad Boys Blue's hit classic "A World Without You (Michelle)" (Official Video) 1988! Relive the infectious beats and iconic melody that has become a fan favorite for over three decades. And, for those who can't get enough, we've got an mp3 download so you can take the magic with you wherever you go.

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Bad Boys Blue - A World Without You (Michelle) (Official Video) 1988 Bad Boys Blue is a popular Eurodance group that was formed in Cologne, Germany in 198
  1. The group was created by producer Tony Hendrik and his wife Karin van Haaren, who also wrote most of their hit songs.
One of their biggest hits, "A World Without You (Michelle)", was released in 1988 and quickly became a fan favorite. The song talks about a man who is lost without his love, Michelle, and how he is willing to do anything to get her back.

The official video for "A World Without You (Michelle)" features the band members performing the song in front of a large crowd. The video captures the energy and excitement of the group's live performances, and it helped to solidify their popularity in Europe.

If you want to listen to "A World Without You (Michelle)" in high quality, you can find it on a variety of streaming services, including Spotify and Apple Music. It's also available for purchase on iTunes and other digital music stores.

To save the song so you can listen to it offline, simply download it to your device from your preferred streaming service or digital music store. You can also use a YouTube to MP3 converter to download the song directly from the official video on YouTube.

Overall, "A World Without You (Michelle)" is a classic Eurodance track that continues to be beloved by fans of the genre. Whether you're discovering it for the first time or reminiscing about the past, it's a great song to add to your playlist.
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